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Alice Notley The Body Is in the Soul 07-19-10   go
Bobbie Louise Hawkins "As a writer, on paper..." 07-09-10   go
Aaron Kunin The Sore Throat 07-06-10   go
David Trinidad Ode to Dick Fisk 07-01-10   go
Julie Carr from Think Tank 06-26-10   go
Bob Perelman Revenge of the Bathwater 08-21-09   go
John Wieners Cocaine 08-20-09   go
George Oppen Ballad 08-19-09   go
Kim Rosenfield from Chapter Six 08-18-09   go
Robert Duncan Enthralled 08-17-09   go
Anne Boyer Brute 08-14-09   go
Michael S. Hennessey Everyone and Anyone 08-13-09   go
Marie Buck The Beheading Game 08-12-09   go
Alli Warren The Poet Must Be a Professional... 08-11-09   go
Rob Halpern "And in all these faces..." 08-10-09   go
Elizabeth Marie Young The Shiftless Art of Watching Dead Things... 08-07-09   go
George Stanley Veracruz 08-06-09   go
Bill Luoma "I love the idea of a Jennifer Sofabed..." 08-05-09   go
M. NourbeSe Philip Zong 26 08-04-09   go
Andrew Joron Rift Habitat 08-03-09   go
Johannes Görannson Fox Heart by Aase Berg 07-31-09   go
Pam Rehm Pollux 07-30-09   go
Erika Staiti from Go, Poet, Go 07-29-09   go
Geoffrey G. O'Brien The Bulletin of Lyon 07-28-09   go
Jennifer L. Knox What I Got Out of the Art Opening 07-25-09   go
Thom Donovan Come Out, Again 07-24-09   go
Susan Holbrook Good Egg Bad Seed 07-23-09   go
Garrett Caples Orpheus 07-22-09   go
K. Lorraine Graham from "See It Everywhere" 07-21-09   go
Suzanne Stein from A Hole in Space 07-20-09   go
Catherine Wagner Song 07-17-09   go
Maggie Nelson Bluets 52-59 07-16-09   go
Tim Peterson Junk Tropics 07-15-09   go
Rachel Levitsky Defining 07-14-09   go
Rachel Zolf from Human Resources 07-13-09   go
Andrea Actis "We enter the fecundity center..." 07-10-09   go
Damon Krukowski Poetry 07-09-09   go
Jeremy Prynne Cocaine by John Wieners 07-08-09   go
Bill Berkson Hey Joe 07-07-09   go
Eric Baus Our Common Cloud 07-06-09   go
Ted Berrigan From a Secret Journal 07-04-09   go
Stacy Syzmaszek from Hyperglossia 07-02-09   go
Lindsey Boldt Titties for Lindsey 07-01-09   go
Tina Darragh Dreams Are Not Documents of Compromise 06-30-09   go
Laura Elrick "That sees process..." 06-27-09   go
Kaia Sand Best Regards 06-26-09   go
Tom Raworth Dormitory Life 06-25-09   go
Jennifer Scappettone da s 06-24-09   go
Michael Gottlieb "As Lenin helpfully noted..." 06-23-09   go
Philiip Whalen Tennis Shoes 06-22-09   go
Gil J. Wolman La Mémoire 06-20-09   go
Amiri Baraka I Love Music 06-19-09   go
Ann Lauterbach The French Girl 06-18-09   go
Clark Coolidge To Begin With 06-17-09   go
Stephanie Young Betty Page We Love You Get Up 06-16-09   go
John Wieners Elizabeth Taylor Is My Sister 02-13-08   go
Robert Creeley Anger (1965 recording) 02-12-08   go
Robert Creeley Anger (1975 recording) 02-11-08   go
Ted Berrigan From A List of the Delusions of the Insane... 02-09-08   go
Kevin Killian Is It All Over My Face? 02-08-08   go
Allen Ginsberg Please Master 02-07-08   go
Ericka Huggins For a Woman 02-06-08   go
Robert Duncan Despair in Being Tedious 02-05-08   go
Taylor Mead I Was in a Drugstore 02-04-08   go
Muriel Rukeyser The Poem as Mask 02-03-08   go
Jeremy Adler Alphabox 02-02-08   go
Claude Royet-Journoud from The Notion of Obstacle 02-01-08   go
Adrienne Rich from Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law 01-31-08   go
Kit Robinson Notes Toward a Phenomenology of Memory 01-30-08   go
William Bronk The Ignorant Lust after Knowledge 01-29-08   go
Bernadette Mayer from Counterhatch 01-28-08   go
Bernadette Mayer discussing Memory 01-27-08   go
Paul Dutton No. 4 Blaze 01-26-08   go
Charles Reznikoff from Testimony: Amelia was just fourteen... 01-25-08   go
Robin Blaser Love 01-24-08   go
John Cage Discussing Glenn Branca in 1982 01-23-08   go
George Oppen From a Phrase of Simone Weil's... 01-22-08   go
Charles Bernstein Three or Four Things I Know about Him 01-21-08   go
Ron Padgett Joe Brainard's Painting Bingo (June 1975) 01-20-08   go
Ron Padgett Joe Brainard's Painting Bingo (August 1975) 01-19-08   go
Kenward Elmslie Time Lags 01-18-08   go
Steve McCaffery The 01-17-08   go
Jackson Mac Low from Black Taratula Crossword Gatha 01-16-08   go
Susan Howe from Secret History of the Dividing Line 01-15-08   go
Ed Dorn on Black Mountain College and Naropa 01-14-08   go
Ted Greenwald Friends 01-13-08   go
Kathleen Fraser Coincidental 01-12-08   go
Clark Coolidge The Passenger 01-11-08   go
Lorenzo Thomas Al Green's Broken Heart 01-10-08   go
Bernadette Mayer 1979 01-09-08   go
Henri Chopin L'energie du sommeil 01-08-08   go
Stephen Rodefer Sometimes I Forget 01-07-08   go
Charles Olson The Lordly & Isolate Satyrs 01-06-08   go
John Ashbery Thoughts of a Young Girl 01-05-08   go
Anne Tardos Stripsody (comp. Cathy Berberian) 01-04-08   go
  Nathan Austin on Spicer, Reuven Tsur on enjambment     go
Mark McMorris A Poem for the Love of Women     go
  Jessica Smith & Jim Behrle on poetry readings 06-23-07   go
Piero Heliczer fuga xiii 06-22-07   go
  Site Note: Tracklist & Podcast 06-20-07   go
  Protosemiosis 06-19-07 go  
Gertrude Stein Patriarchal Poetry (Elisabeth Shimana Mix) 06-09-07   go
Eileen Myles Dear Andrea (2 of 2) 06-08-07   go
  Varieties of Aural Experience 06-05-07   go
Eileen Myles Dear Andrea (1 of 2)     go
Peter Gizzi A Panic That Can Still Come Upon Me 06-02-07   go
Al Filreis & Steve Evans A Conversation about Poetry Audiofiles 06-01-07   go
Leslie Scalapino from Can't is Night (4 of 4) 05-31-07   go
Leslie Scalapino from Can't is Night (3 of 4) 05-30-07   go
Leslie Scalapino from Can't is Night (2 of 4) 05-27-07   go
Leslie Scalapino from Can't is Night (1 of 4) 05-24-07   go
Aram Saroyan Crickets 05-20-07   go
Joseph Ceravolo Drunken Winter 05-15-07   go
Tom Raworth Nothing 05-12-07   go
Michael Gizzi Caedmon Cud to Venerable Bede 05-02-07   go
Robert Grenier Twelve Days of Blue Sky 04-17-07   go
Bill Berkson Dream with Fred Astaire 04-16-07   go
John Ashbery A Blessing in Disguise 04-12-07   go
Ezra Pound Cantico del Sole (two versions) 04-11-07   go
Jackson Mac Low & Anne Tardos Phoneme Dance in Memoriam John Cage 04-10-07   go
Robert Kelly Remembering Paul Blackburn... 04-09-07   go
Keith Waldrop, trans. Danse Macabre (by Charles Baudelaire) 02-24-07   go
Brian Kim Stefans You have a little, uh, thingy, er... 02-15-07   go
Tracie Morris From Slave Sho to Video aka Black but Beautiful 02-13-07   go
Sueyeun Juliette Lee Buck Fu 02-12-07   go
Alice Notley from In the Pines 14 02-09-07   go
Tina Darragh Collective Lament for Banishing of Animals from History 02-08-07   go
Rae Armantrout Make It New 02-07-07   go
Robert Duncan Not Far from Circe's House 02-06-07   go
  The Archive of the Now 02-05-07   go
  Mónica de la Torre's Ubuweb picks 01-04-07   go
  Tom Devaney's PennSound picks 12-21-06   go
Keith Waldrop, trans. Carrion (by Charles Baudelaire) 12-11-06   go
Kimberly Lyons Fear of the Future 12-09-06   go
Rod Smith Moist Feelings 12-06-06   go
Henri Chopin The Human Body Is a Factory of Sound 12-05-06   go
Joan La Barbara various 12-04-06 go  
  Upper Limit Music VII 11-16-06   go
  Upper Limit Music VI 11-09-06   go
  Upper Limit Music V 11-04-06   go
  Upper Limit Music IV 10-26-06   go
  Upper Limit Music III 10-19-06   go
  Upper Limit Music II 10-12-06   go
  Upper Limit Music I 10-06-06   go
Eugene Ostashevsky DJ Spinoza Talks to Flipper 10-04-06   go
Robert Grenier 1981 Reading at St. Mark's 10-03-06   go
Anna Moschovakis Untitled 10-03-06   go
Daniil Kharms, trans. Matvei Yankelevich Blue Notebook 4 10-02-06   go
David Bromige This Second Happiness... 08-22-06   go
Lisa Robertson "Plentifully of reason..." 08-18-06   go
Edwin Denby People on Sunday 07-16-06   go
Jayne Cortez Global Inequalities 07-12-06   go
Adrienne Rich Divisions of Labor 07-10-06   go
Jackson Mac Low Feeling Down, Clementi Felt Imposed upon from Every Direction 07-07-06   go
Rosmarie Waldrop Shorter American Memory of the Declaration of Independence 07-04-06   go
George Oppen From a Phrase of Simone Weil's and Some Words of Hegel's 06-28-06   go
Fanny Howe Basic Science 06-20-06   go
Charles Bernstein Solidarity Is the Name We Give to What We Cannot Hold 06-14-06   go
Lydia Davis A Position at the University 06-12-06   go
Julie Patton Alphabet Soup 06-09-06   go
Nicole Brossard Le Cou de Lee Miller 06-07-06   go
Gertrude Stein If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso 06-05-06   go
Frank O'Hara Ode to Joy b/w To Hell With It 06-02-06   go
Ted Berrigan Red Shift 05-31-06   go
Joe Brainard Tuesday, February 18th, 1971 05-29-06   go
Ernst Jandl What You Can Do Without Vowels 05-25-06   go
Amiri Baraka Black Dada Nihilismus (DJ Spooky Mix) 05-24-06   go
Bernadette Mayer Catullus 42 05-22-06   go
Rae Armantrout Next Life 05-19-06   go
Paul Dutton Untitled 05-18-06 go  
Mei-mei Berssenbrugge from Safety 05-17-06 go  
Kenneth Goldsmith Sings Adorno 05-16-06 go  
Kit Robinson Return on Word 05-15-06   go
bpNichol Not What the Siren Sang but What the Frag Ment 05-14-06   go
Brenda Coultas Opening the Cabinet 05-13-06   go
Anselm Berrigan We're Not Going to Turn Me In 03-14-06   go
Tom Raworth Catacoustics 03-12-06   go
Tracie Morris My Great Grand Aunt Meets a Bush Supporter 03-11-06   go
Brian Kim Stefans (Roger Pellet) I Know a Man 03-09-06   go
Ron Padgett Bob Creeley Breakthrough 03-08-06   go
Barbara Guest An Emphasis Falls on Reality 03-07-06   go
Sawaku Nakayasu Capacity 03-06-06   go
Gary Sullivan Hello & Welcome to Poetry Phone 03-05-06   go
Elizabeth Willis Kiss Me Deadly 03-04-06   go
  Steve Evans's PennSound picks 10-01-05    
Ange Mlinko Poem Bejeweled with Proper Nouns 08-16-05   go
Jaap Blonk Flux-de-Bouche 08-11-05   go
John Wieners The Garbos and Dietrichs 08-08-05   go
Linh Dinh Acoustics 08-04-05   go
Erica Hunt Ecstasy 08-01-05   go
  Introducing Lipstick of Noise 08-01-05   go