The Fragments Join

Muriel Rukeyser - The Poem as Mask (1'08"). The opening poem of Rukeyser's 1968 volume The Speed of Darkness revisits and revises her 1949 "masque" on the Orpheus myth even as it points forward to the landmark 1973 anthology, edited by Florence Howe and Ellen Bass, that would adopt as its anthem (and title) the defiant line "No more masks!" • For a sampling of intelligent analyses of the poem, try here. • I hadn't realized until recently that Rukeyser made more or less the same trip to Hanoi that earned Jane Fonda the insufferable tongue lashing by Godard and Gurin in Letter to Jane (Rukeyser traveled with Denise Levertov and another Jane, Jane Hart). • The undated recording featured today is from Poetry Speaks, a worthwhile—if not terribly adventurous—collection of poetry recordings from Whitman to the (near) present. The track appears here for a limited time and for non-commercial purposes.

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