Pheasant Feathered

Piero Heliczer - fuga xiii (1'33"). A linguist friend more skilled at sniffing out instances of crypto-Sitwellianism than I, upon hearing the phrase "pleasantly pheasant feathered" (line 9 of Heliczer's printed text), thought immediately of the "Old Sir Faulk" foxtrot in Edith Sitwell's collaboration with William Walton, Façade. Here's a clip that juxtaposes the two passages (the reciter of the Sitwell is Pamela Hunter), and here's the Sitwell slowed down about ten percent. • Tom Raworth's version of the 1960 recording by his Italian-born friend is less muted than the one on PennSound and comes with a little background information as well. • Eric Baus had some interesting things to say about this recording back in May. • Interesting that Heliczer gives the book title as "You Coul(d) Hear the Snow Melting and Dripping into the Deers Mouth," which I prefer to the printed version, where the gerunds are "dripping and falling." • Lots more by and about Heliczer at Ubuweb.

Wave form of a phrase by poet Piero Heliczer

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