I'll Get Along Without You Very Well

Ernst Jandl - "What You Can Do Without Vowels" (2'01"). Six consonantal phonemes serve as a kind of overture for this demonstration (with inconsistencies) of the title phrase (the Austrian poet's pronunciation of the word "vowels" is itself worth the listen). After the title, it's sublexical all the way to the final English-language expletive, a mad, totally-perfect medley of hissing fricatives, percussive plosives, dental taps, kissing noises, growls and meows, with Uli Scherer's steady klavier-pounding for a bass line. Hold on for a few seconds after the performance ends to hear the nostalgic sound of a tone arm lifting.

More from Jandl's vom vom zum zum (recorded and released 1988) at Ubuweb::Sound. About Jandl (German). About Jandl (English). About Reft & Light, Jandl poems translated into American by many hands. A tribute site (in many languages).

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