Next in Line for the French Throne

Track of the day - Eugene Ostashevsky - "DJ Spinoza Talks to Flipper" (1'02"). Sort of like Lee Ving taunting the audience for Fear in the Decline of Western Civilization, only it's Spinoza taunting a dolphin, with a dash of Russian accent, a penchant for tweaked end rhymes (snorkle, circle), a Fiddler-on-the-Roof flashback, some rockin' tautologies, and a big boast about the Bayou to close. Well roared, lion!

Listen to (or look at) the whole reading courtesy of Lunch Poems. Four poems from the DJ Spinoza sequence in Germ 6/7. Two poems from the same sequence in Octopus 4. "The Premises of Glass" and "The Origin of the Specious" in the Boston Review. "Dear Owl" from Jubilat 7. Northwestern UP page for Oberiu: An Anthology of Russian Absurdism. Brian Kim Stefans includes Iterature in a recent omnibus review. The visually-absorbing verse drama Infinite Recursor, or the Bride of DJ Spinoza awaits you as well. • Lipstick of Noise tracklist. XML feed.

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