Maybe This Is a Transmission Problem

Brenda Coultas - "Opening the Cabinet" (2'09"). A voice too animated by belief, or drenched in skepticism, would spoil this account of a brief stay in Lily Dale in upstate New York. Coultas gets it just right: her descriptions are fast-paced and matter-of-fact, and a tone of gentle, slightly implicated, bemusement, captured in the phrase "None of which I can disprove," pervades the whole account. • I notice the poet's interesting accent most in the words "drawn for a hundred dollars," the first word pronounced disyllabically ("draw-en") and the last "dah-lahs." • Clean, well-miked recordings of poetry are still so rare that the sound quality on this one catches my attention: no hiss, no throbbing room tone, no traffic noise, audience coughs, or show-off guffaws. The silence is almost as eerie as the occult goings-on in Lily Dale!

From Rattapallax Audio Cypher at PennSound. Coultas reading in the Segue at the Bowery Poetry Club series on 22 May 2004.

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