Comme d'habitude

Gary Sullivan - Hello and Welcome to Poetry Phone. Sullivan's clever suggestion is that the routinization of poetry has advanced to the point where an automated telephone menu can handle every contingency. The audience at the Bowery Poetry Club audibly agrees: every stab of recognition bleeds out in giggles, guffaws, hoots, and handclaps. Sullivan captures something of the barker's contempt for his mark with his big cartoonish (moviephonish) voicing in which initial bursts of ego-boosting bullshit ebb into the shadowy registers of self-lacerating truths (one of the funniest moments comes after a masterfully held silence at the work's midpoint). Taken as a whole, the live performance, with its instant confirmation—celebration even—of the pettiness of it all, has a strange pathos to it: that so many audience members recognize the truth of their experience in this Spicerian admonition is a message in itself. To hear that message again, press....

Full reading available at PennSound. Gary Sullivan is the author of Dead Man, How to Proceed in the Arts, and, with Nada Gordon, Swoon. His most recent work is Elsewhere.

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