Upper Limit Music VI

Playlist for sixth show, 9 November 2006, 1-3pm, wmeb. • Motifs: spookiness; presidents and political platforms; noise; the tomato as weapon of geo-political domination; poets & composers; snow & ice, Adirondacks and Ktaadn. • Links below are mostly to the PennSound and Ubuweb pages from which mp3s were selected. • I bought Thiefth from iTunes on a recommendation from Lori Emerson. If you do emusic, John Cage and David Tudor's Indeterminacy is a steal (two one-hour long tracks!).

Untitled by Paul Dutton. Listen! by William Carlos Williams. Oops we're in Orono by Bernadette Mayer. The Big Nowhere by Kit Robinson. Opening the Cabinet by Brenda Coultas, on Rattapallax. Gaslight by Tom Raworth. Spooked by K. Silem Mohammad. Spooky Action from a Distance by Bernadette Mayer.

The Sore Throat by Aaron Kunin, on Frequency. A Panic That Can Still Come Upon Me by Peter Gizzi. From "bum series" by Leslie Scalapino, on Live at the Ear. Shorter American Memory of the Declaration of Independence by Rosmarie Waldrop. Presidential Platform (1988) by Bernadette Mayer.

Remarks on sound poetry, followed by My Great Grand Aunt Meets a Bush Supporter and From Slave Sho to Video aka Black but Beautiful by Tracie Morris. Taking the Blues Back Home by Jayne Cortez. Ursonate, Erste Teil, by Kurt Schwitters, perf. by Jaap Blonk in 1986.

Object Relations by Rosmarie Waldrop. Empire (1991) by Robert Ashley, from the cd accompanying issue five of No: A Journal of the Arts.

Three anecdotes from Indeterminacy, words by John Cage, music by David Tudor. Thorow, words by Susan Howe, music by David Grubbs, from Thiefth.

Daughter of the Deaf by Eugene Ostashevsky. Étude in F by Ernst Jandl, sung by Lauren Newton. Thin Weak Smile by Franklin Bruno.

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The Lipstick of Noise is a product of the Third Factory • Inspired by the music blogs • And by Paul Blackburn's reel-to-reel deck. Intending to make good use of PENNSound and other sources of digital audio files of poetry • Comments welcomeXML.