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Charles Bernstein - "Solidarity Is the Name We Give to What We Cannot Hold" (5'56" with intro in French by Jacques Darras; 4'54" w/o intro here). "My sense is that we are characterized insofar as we let ourselves be characterized, that one can resist characterization by becoming conscious of its techniques and its inevitability. We live in a world which communicates through characterization, but we can resist its reification, its finalization, by understanding it as a provisional thing that exists in time for a particular use. Insofar as that use is agreed upon—perceived and acknowledged—in the communication, there may be no problem with characterization. But if it's thought to come from above or it hits you from behind and you don't know that it's happening, it mystifies your conception of your personality. It creates the sense that persons are these objects that exist discretely and outside of time" (Bernstein, "Characterization," from a talk at 80 Langton Street in San Francisco, January 1983). • Continuing our "am I that?" thread, label proliferation as defense against any one label durably affixing itself. One hundred and thirty-three occurrences of the noun "poet," each with at least one adjective (and often more) preceding it. Plausible (mis)recognitions of a single writer, but also a relief map of the microgenres & identifying localizations (identitopes?) "characteristic" of avant-garde practices, past and present, ici et ailleurs.

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