That's Poetry

Elizabeth Willis - "Kiss Me Deadly." A goblin market for suitcase nukes? At the juncture of Rossetti and Aldrich, not unimaginable. • In a little under thirty seconds of beautifully paced and voiced material, Willis gets critical intertextual mass, then stops it on a dime. • Structural parse: Title. Pause. Establishing frame (Rossetti alive and in London), transition ("next thing she knows"), discontinuous frame (Rossetti dead and not in narco-nuclear America). Pause. Intensely compressed four-part middle passage: She (verb phrase), She (verb phrase), slight pause, It (verb phrase), She (verb phrase). Pause. She (verb phrase), conjunction ("and if"), She (verb phrase), slight pause, "That's poetry." • Lexis: Note "sedge" where "toxic" sets up "sludge."

Full reading available at PennSound. Ordering information for Turneresque (Burning Deck, 2003).

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