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A Lipstick of Noise exclusive (for now) — Poet Keith Waldrop reads from his major new translation of Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil. "Carrion" (2'45") is one of eleven tracks I recorded in late November 2006 at Waldrop's home in Providence. The full set list: Benediction, The Life Before, Don Juan in Hell, Giantess, Carrion, Posthumous Remorse, Invitation to the Voyage, Spleen ("When the sky..."), Danse Macabre, A Voyage to Cythera, and To Her, Too Merry. • I'll update here when a permanent online home for the set has been arranged. In the meantime, I have the author's permission to burn a limited number of copies: just drop a line.

Keith Waldrop holding image of Charles Baudelaire

Read Lucas Klein's review of Waldrop's translation here. Charles Bernstein's quick take. Check out Burning Deck, the press Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop have run for more than forty years, here. A lovely thought: Wolgamot in Orange County.

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