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Kimberly Lyons - Fear of the Future (0'54"). I hear twenty-three audias in this tightly-constructed poem: the first eight or nine trace out an analogy between returning to writing and recovering from an illness (note the subtle riff on patient, impatient, in patient); the soup recipe in the seventh audia and the free-floating description of the fourth are lovely detours in the unfolding simile. The oneiric middle section sets a scene in which two questions can be posed (Stalker, Kursk): listen for the way the "u" sounds preponderant in audia fifteen sneak into and transform the word "thimble" one line earlier. A major rest occurs between audias fifteen and sixteen. The scene resets in a more naturalistic manner (exterior shot, presumably urban, in autumn), but the theme of invasive voices carries on and the title reappears as the penultimate line. The final word of the poem, "sickness," brings us full circle, though the scale has shifted from individual to collective, from physical to psychic, from a recovery of writing to the irreparable losses of war. • I like the timbre of Lyons's well-miked voice and admire her phrasing, especially in the crucial closing lines, which, misdelivered, would slip into sententiousness. Stray noticings: A slight break in the transition from vowel to nasal in "ants," a pop on the terminal plosive in "soup," a micro-hesitation before the preposition "from" in audia ten, an audience laugh after the Kursk reference.

Wave form of phrase by poet Kimberly Lyons

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