I Prefer You In the Plural

John Ashbery - A Blessing in Disguise (1'20"). Online audio of Ashbery is surprisingly scarce relative to how ubiquitous his print presence is. This track (number 16, or, side B, track 9) of the Giorno Poetry Systems record Biting Off the Tongue of a Corpse (1975) was originally recorded for NET-TV's Poetry: USA (1966) and is now archived on Ubuweb. Arising from and receding back into the gentle crackle of needle on vinyl, the poet's unemphatic voice speaks of desire and even, in the great out of nowhere ending, exaltation, while holding the high diction of eros in check with a syntax of bewilderment and the sheer steadiness of minimalist inflection. The understatement, and the abrupt exit, leave one in a state of unresolved tension at poem's end: that's the blessing? or the disguise? ("The blackbird whistling / Or just after").

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