That It Was Mortal

Ed Dorn - Response to the question "are there any parallels that you see between the Naropa Institute and Black Mountain College?" (14'25"). Recorded 3 June 1977 at Naropa. • The clip opens with some smitten questioning about to the poet's sign ("you want to know too much"), then shifts to Dorn's initially reluctant, but ultimately multilayered and revealing answer to an interesting question. • In conclusion: "One of the greatest things about Black Mountain that people don't ordinarily dwell on is the fact that... Its great uniqueness, and the greatness of its example, seems to me to lie in the fact that it was mortal—a very rare quality in an institution. Q: It was what? A: Mortal. It experienced death." • Recognize the voice of the initial questioner? If so, drop me a line.

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