The Lipstick of Noise - Project Note

On an afternoon in late May, 1987, under an open sky in San Diego, the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy arrived, after many a pun in many a language, and to the delight of a small audience made up mostly of poets, at the phrase: "poetry is the lipstick of noise." The elegant poet, bibliographer of Frank O'Hara, and school chum of Steve Benson and Kit Robinson, Alex Smith, then nearing the premature end of his life, was the first among us to steal the line. I reach for it now as a fond plagiarist in need of a rubric under which to conduct some experiments in listening, and writing about the experience of listening, to the digital audio files housed at PENNSound and similar sites.

If you have advice for me, on matters technical or interpretative, or know of an interesting track I should hear, please drop me a line at steve dot evans at thirdfactory dot net.

[Originally posted 1 August 2005]

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The Lipstick of Noise is a product of the Third Factory • Inspired by the music blogs • And by Paul Blackburn's reel-to-reel deck. Intending to make good use of PENNSound and other sources of digital audio files of poetry • Comments welcomeXML.