Long Night

Aram Saroyan - Crickets (1'59"). View the page from the eponymous volume Aram Saroyan (Random House[!], 1968) as archived on Ubuweb (stretch your browser as far lengthwise as it will go: the fifty-third and final iteration of the word "cricket" should sort of fall off the bottom of the page). • A track to help celebrate Ugly Duckling Presse's new edition of Saroyan's Complete Minimal Poems, which I've been reading with great pleasure this weekend. Among many other things, the book is a surprisingly thick—for all its principled thinness in other respects—description of the acoustic environments frequented by Saroyan, on and off the various attention-enhancing substances those mid-1960s made themselves known for. • Addendum, 22 May - College radio dj Brian Kelley's amusing account of putting this track to terrific use.

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