Hail Them and Watch Out

Charles Olson - The Lordly and Isolate Satyrs (8'38"). Recorded 16 August 1963 at the Vancouver Conference. • Rachel Blau DuPlessis: "This poem is a collection point for any number of key materials of 1950s counter-cultural maleness: pure phallic imagery, carefully affirmed and carefully managed claims of androgyny, the supplement of femininity without its inferiorizing taint, affirmative heterosexuality, homosocial cohorts without homosexuality, male display and hypermasculinity, marked gender asymmetry or the enforcement of male-female difference, conflicts between actual social power and a sense of powerlessness, even an off-handed, mainly casual misogyny." Whole essay here. • Olson's letter to Robin Blaser, May 1958. From Quicks & Strings (1995). • More Olson soundfiles on PennSound. The text, illicitly blogged.

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