Fail, Monotony, Seek

bpNichol -"Not What the Siren Sang but What the Frag Ment" (1'27"). The first three isolated nouns portend a dull exercise in autumnal description, but then a goofily-rising pronunciation of "flee" (or "flea": let the homophony begin) and a strange word that maybe refers to a fish, maybe to "human being" in an African language, set us onto another, more interesting, course. The kernel syllable is "ment" (with all the attendant puns intended) and the gentle, twenty-three-year-old voice of the poet runs variations on the m-n-t sequence ("moon out," "monotony," "man tongue") before shifting into a rhythm defined by dactylic trisyllables followed by two plosive-bounded stressed monosyllables: e.g., "Immolate brick kick" (STRESS-unstress-stress stress STRESS). There's a mounting urgency as the pattern locks into six iterations in the final twelve seconds of the poem, then the clever pause that leaves us waiting for the final, elided, beat. • Compare to Tracie Morris, below. Full contents of Borders, the 7-inch floppy disk released in 1967 to accompany the volume Journeying & the Returns. bpNichol Project at Coach House. Wikipedia entry on Nichol. Lots more Nichol soundfiles on PennSound. Wikipedia disambiguation page for "frag." [Originally posted 14 May 2006] XML feed here. • Elsewhere on Third Factory: index, ensemble, nb, links.

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