Wet and Ugly

Rod Smith - Moist Feelings: A Love Poem (0'38"). Smith's title elicits giggles from the audience, one person even lets out a mock-sympathetic "aww," to which the poet responds with an insouciant straw slurp before intoning his short text in a clipped, quavering, early-Creeley manner, something sincere and vulnerable held briefly aloft on the breath of an imperfectly-stifled laugh.

Rod Smith's 4 November 2006 reading (misdated 11 November) in the Segue series has just been added to PennSound. His blog is Ghostbrain. His press is Edge. His cd, Fear the Sky, is available through Narrow House. • XML feed here. • Also on Third Factory: index, ensemble, nb.

One way of understanding the phrase "strawberry surprise"

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