A Fine Time for Breaking Things

Track of the day - Anna Moschovakis - "Untitled" (1'18" wav). Moschovakis opened her set on Thursday with the first poem from I Have Not Been Able to Get Through to Everyone (New York: Turtle Point, 2006), a tribute to quandariness, forgetting, mistaking, second-guessing, and craving, to be inanimate for instance, "banged-up and appreciated / for all my surface qualities / without ethics getting in the way."

Event report for Moschovakis's reading with Matvei Yankelevich on 28 September 2006. (Somewhat scratchy) Audiofile of Moschovakis reading "Testimony of Finneus Gage" on RadioPoetique. Rebecca Wadlinger's review of the new book. More Yankelevich & Moschovakis links. The indispensable Ugly Duckling Presse. • Lipstick of Noise tracklist. XML feed.

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