In the Way

Leslie Scalapino - from Can't Is Night (3'16"). Recorded 14 May 2007 by Charles Bernstein; three more tracks here (scroll down to "Close Listening: Private Edition #2"). There's a lot going on in these 196 seconds (open a pdf of the audia transcript here). I note especially the use of audible intakes of breath to produce enjambment effects, the strong aspiration after terminal plosives (listen to those /-t/s from second 11 to second 34 or so), the change from rapid colloquial speech in the introduction ("I'm gonna...") to the highly impeded and interrupted syntax of the poem, the possible false start at 10.3 ("rih...") and the hesitant voicings at 125.1 (at "shot") and 134.4 ("remembering...uh...the woman"), the atypical pronunciation of "lineage" at 105.7, the use of diminished pitch to bracket parallel terms (for example, "she...someone" between 43.8 and 45.1; also in the closing seconds of the excerpt), and the very noticeable shift to connected utterance beginning at 116 with the reported speech of a U.S. sharpshooter in Iraq (through about 139), the semantic content of which is rendered hyperlegible by contrast to the parse-resistant (though lexically and phrasally redundant) segments that precede and follow it. The most radical instance of enjambment? This word-internal one.

Supplemental. Six instances of aspirated /t/ in a twenty second stretch toward the start of Scalapino's performance (click first image to enlarge; second image isolates the /t/s). Hear it here (words, followed by isolated /t/s repeated three times in sequence).

Scalapino waveform

Waveform of Scalapino

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