You Might As Well Know It

John Wieners - Elizabeth Taylor Is My Sister (3'15"). Recorded 6 January 1971 and later included on The World Record: Readings at the St. Mark's Poetry Project, 1969-1980. • I just saw the Grey Gardens films for the first time this past weekend and was struck by how much Little Edie sounds like John Wieners, especially when she pronounces, in a conspiratorial hush, phrases like "The Marble Fawn, you know, by Nathaniel Hawthorne." • The dedication to the 1973 first edition of No More Masks (omitted in the second edition of 1993) reads: "to our sisters / in jail / underground / at war / whose lives are their poems." Where John and Elizabeth (or the Beales) might fit into that utopic interpellation, it's hard even now to say. • Wieners previously on Lipstick, The Garbos and Dietrichs.

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