Upper Limit Music IV

Playlist for fourth show, 26 October 2006, 1-3pm, wmeb:

1:00pm Oops we're in Orono by Bernadette Mayer. Listen! by William Carlos Williams. Allegro 108 by Four Horsemen. What the President Will Say and Do by Jaap Blonk. My Great Grand Aunt Meets a Bush Supporter by Tracie Morris. Totenklage by Hugo Ball performed by Christian Bök. | 1:12pm | Afro-Futurism by Tracie Morris. Acoustics, A Noise Came to the Door, and Vocab Lab by Linh Dinh. | 1:18 | Who Are My Friends by David Antin. Sun ("Write this...") by Michael Palmer. We Are Not Responsible by Harryette Mullen. Synth Loops by Christian Bök. | 1:30 | Etude in F by Ernst Jandl. Poetry Is the Lipstick of Noise by Jean-Luc Nancy. Object Relations, Intentionalities, and Enhanced Density by Rosmarie Waldrop. The Hill by Robert Creeley. | 1:43 | Bresson's Movies by Robert Creeley. Orphée by Maggie O'Sullivan. Busby Berkeley/Girl Machine by Kenward Elmslie. Dream with Fred Astaire by Bill Berkson. The Prodigal Son by James Weldon Johnson performed by Rev. Carolyn Knight. | 2:00 | The Ether by Rae Armantrout. The Heart of Another is a Dark Forest by Elizabeth Willis. Finish by Fanny Howe. Pouring Gulf by John Godfrey. Loss by John Wieners. Vera Cruz by George Stanley. Man and Woman Epigrams by Bernadette Mayer. | 2:09 | Motorized Razors by Christian Bök. A Mown Lawn by Lydia Davis. Freely Espousing by James Schuyler. Mood Indigo by James Schuyler. Inner Crawdad Buzz by Lee Ann Brown. Machinations Calcite by Clark Coolidge. Ling Degli (Language of the Gods) by Velimir Chlebnikov, performed by Valerij Voskobojnikov. | 2:22 | Nimrod in Hell by Pierre Joris. Basic Science by Fanny Howe. No Coward Soul by Emily Brönte, performed by Fanny Howe. "Dewdrops" fragment by John Clare, read by William Fuller. From a Phrase of Simone Weil's and Some Words of Hegel by George Oppen. | 2:35 | "A"-11 by Louis Zukofksy. Twizzle, Next Life, Parse, and The Subject by Rae Armantrout. Passage from Theodor Adorno sung by Kenneth Goldsmith, music by Erik Satie. The Twelve Tribes of Dr. Lacan by Charles Bernstein. | 2:52 | Pale Horse, adapted from Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Masque of Anarchy" by John Vanderslice. Red Shift by Ted Berrigan. Noise Annoys by The Buzzcocks. I Zimbra, adapted from a sound poem by Hugo Ball by The Talking Heads. • No time for links just now, over the weekend perhaps.

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