Granted Immunity

Anselm Berrigan - "We're Not Going to Turn Me In." Non-narrative disjunctive poetry can sometimes have a chilly synthetic feel to it, as though we'd accidentally intercepted one machine's message to another. Not so Berrigan's poems, which retain warmth the way clothes just cast off do. Someone has been here, a subject straining for and against its own coherence, morphing plural, flickering singular. Witness the title, or the key passage in this poem: "I'd like to be / ocean shaped and crashing / at my edges, vicious and open / become an outpost of irrational / compassion instead, on the interior / run at all times." • Without dwelling much on it today, I want to get the term "audia" on the table for future reference.

Full reading at Bridge Street Books, 12 December 2004, courtesy of the DC Poetry audio archive. Leonard Lopate featured the track on his WNYC radio program some April ago. Compare the text archived there to my transcription of the poem here.

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