Kit Robinson - "Return on Word" (1'01"). I hear twenty-seven audias, including the title, in this swift, grimly hilarious, short poem. Some are complete in themselves ("The entire concept is entirely too conceptual"), others comment on preceding statements ("This is easier said than done") or bundle into paradoxical units ("All we need is a few good words / anybody can relate to / to declare an identity no one can take away"). The key sequence commences about thirty-four seconds into the recording as self-congratulatory corporate bullshit ("we are getting better") cycles toward a different kind of bottom line. The last four audias are artful in the extreme, with their substitution of "to" for "on," the displacement of that preposition to the ends of the final two lines, the complex pun on "contract," and the subtle adverb describing the getaway. Brands, this poem reminds us, are seared into the flesh. Happy identity!

Full reading at SUNY-Buffalo on 10 November 1999, courtesy of PennSound. Robinson's author page at EPC. More about Robinson from Roof Books.

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