You Will See

Ericka Huggins - For a Woman (1'02"). The note accompanying this track on Totally Corrupt indicates that it was "recorded outside The Republican National Convention, Miami Beach, August 21, 1972," which is interesting enough, but a quick perusal of the few available web resources on Huggins—most notably this long and thoughtful post on a blog called Bay Radical—reveals a still more complicated context for what might initially strike one as a slight and somewhat conventional poem. If I read the sequence of events correctly, the poet, active in the civil rights struggle since '63 and the Black Panthers since '68, had seen her husband and fellow activist John Huggins slain in January '69, when their daughter Mai was still an infant, and had not long after been sent to a New Haven prison, charged with Bobby Seale of ordering the torture and murder of fellow Panther Alex Rackley, a trial that ended in a hung jury in May of 1971. • For more on the "Free Bobby, Free Ericka" campaign, scroll down to page 6 of this document.

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