Upper Limit Music III

Playlist for third show, 19 October 2006, 1-3pm, wmeb:

1:00pm Listen! (1'20) by William Carlos Williams. Dada Lama (2'15) by bp Nichol. Oops we're in Orono (0'23), Wal Mart Epigram (0'10), and Complete Introductory Lectures on Poetry (1'41) by Bernadette Mayer. Poem for the Future (1'30) by Erica Hunt. The Heart of Another Is a Dark Forest (1'01) by Elizabeth Willis. Finish (0'41) by Fanny Howe. Pouring Gulf (2'31) by John Godfrey. Loss (0'37) by John Wieners. • 1:15pm A Mown Lawn (2'26), In a House Besieged (0'28), The Mice (1'11), and Foucault with Pencil (4'07) by Lydia Davis. • 1:20pm What You Can Do without Vowels (2'01) by Ernst Jandl. There are things... (6'09) by Juliana Spahr. Health (5'38) by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge. Here's Looking at You, Francis Bacon (3'22) by Joan Retallack. Clash by Night (0'44), The Wild Bunch (0'31) and On Dangerous Ground (0'53) by Elizabeth Willis. • 1:40pm About James Schuyler (5'15) by William Corbett. The Crystal Lithium (10'44) by James Schuyler. An Emphasis Falls on Reality (2'32) by Barbara Guest. • 2:05pm Love Poem for Gertrude Stein (2'13) by bp Nichol. Interview from 1934 (1'19) by Gertrude Stein. From The Making of Americans (3'30) by Gertrude Stein. If We Perform (1'55) by Nicole Brossard. Orphée (2'31) by Maggie O'Sullivan. Five poems (4'00) from the Book of a Thousand Eyes by Lyn Hejinian. A Call for Vertical Integration (0'45) by Lee Ann Brown. • 2:22pm From Draft 48: Being Astonished (9'00) by Rachel Blau DuPlessis. Results, Fetch, Outer, Name Calling, Locality, Amplification, Scumble, and Translation (4'56) from Versed by Rae Armantrout. Thrashing Seems Crazy (3'27) by Juliana Spahr. • 2:41pm Arcade (3'12) by Erica Hunt. To Those Who Would Equate the Public with Themselves (2'09) by Jennifer Moxley. From Speeches at the Barriers (6'39) by Susan Howe. I Was at the Door (7'41) by Robert Creeley.

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