Upper Limit Music II

Playlist for second show, 12 October 2006, 1-3pm, wmeb:

1:00pm Mood Indigo (2:12), composed by Duke Ellington, perf. by Nina Simone on Nina Simone (Polygram, 1989). | Mood Indigo (1:39) by James Schuyler, from Hymn to Life and Other Poems (recorded 9 November 1986). | Near Circe's House by Robert Duncan, recorded 5 May 1971 on the UMaine campus. | Those Winter Sundays (0:53) by Robert Hayden, from Poetry Speaks (disc 2, track 44). | "Oops, we're in Orono" (0:23) by Bernadette Mayer (0:23), recorded live 29 March 2001 at UMaine. | A Position at the University (1:08) by Lydia Davis, recorded 30 March 1999. | Institutional Scenes (0:59) by Jennifer Moxley, recorded November 2005 in New York City. | Let's Say (02:06) by Bob Perelman, recorded for Studio 111 on 27 January 2004. | The Multiversity by Robert Duncan, recorded at the Berkeley Poetry Conference in 1965. | Have We Told You All You'd Thought to Know? (1:40) by Robert Creeley, on Cuneiform Records.

1:20pm Heroes and For Love (3:06) by Robert Creeley, from cd accompanying the Exact Change Yearbook of 1995. | When You Hear I Die by Lord Invader (2:04), from Lord Invader: Calypso in New York (Smithsonian, 2000). | The Charm, A Step, and Kate's by Robert Creeley (1:30), from the cd accompanying All Poets Welcome (U of California, 2003). | Canto XIII: "Kung walked..." (4:04) by Ezra Pound, read by Robert Creeley. | Hand Jive (first alternate take, 6:45) composed by Tony Williams, perf. by the Miles Davis Quintet on Nefertiti (1968; Columbia Legacy, 1998). | Caedmon Cud to Venerable Bede and Heckel and Jeckel by Michael Gizzi, from Cured in the Going Bebop (Utopia Productions, 2000).

1:40pm The Revenge of the Bath Water (4:45) by Bob Perelman, recorded for Studio 111 on 27 January 2004. | Ballad of Susan Smith (3:01) by Lee Ann Brown, recorded live 20 February 2001 at UMaine. | Ode to Michael Goldberg('s Birth and Other Births) (10:58) by Frank O'Hara, recorded live at SUNY Buffalo on 25 September 1964.

2:00pm Mid-80s (3:40) by Alice Notley, recorded live 1 November 2001 at UMaine. | Calm & Cool Economics, and other short poems (2:45) by Joanne Kyger, recorded live 9 November 2000 at UMaine. | "Plentifully of reason" (0:59) from The Men, by Lisa Robertson, recorded live 24 May 2006 in the Test Reading Series. | The Other Woman (3:03) composed by J.M. Robinson, perf. by Nina Simone on Nina Simone (Polygram, 1989).

2:13pm Iflife (16:09) by Bob Perelman, read live on 11 March 2006 at the Bowery Power Club. | London (1:00) by William Blake, performed by Steven Taylor. | Dover Beach (3:35) by Matthew Arnold, perf. by The Fugs. | Sunflower Sutra (6:23) by Allen Ginsberg. | Curse (1:50) by Gary Lawless, recorded live 4 October 2001 at UMaine.

2:42pm A Valentine to Sherwood Anderson: Idem, the Same (4:50) by Gertrude Stein, from lunapark 0,10 (sub rosa). | Magnetic Charms (1:45) by Lorenzo Thomas, recorded live 16 November 2000 at UMaine. | My Baby Just Cares for Me (3:01) composed by Gus Kahn & Walter Donaldson, perf. by Nina Simone on Nina Simone (Polygram, 1989). | The Just Real (2:22) by Jennifer Moxley, recorded live on 19 April 2001 at UMaine.

2:52pm Capacity (1:34) by Sawako Nakayasu. | Blunted Efforts as the Distance (6:41) by Robert Creeley, recorded live September 1998 in Buffalo, available through Cuneiform Records.

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