You have a little, uh, thingy, er, yeah, on your, er, thingy, uh huh

Brian Kim Stefans - The Umm-Uh Poem (4'01"). A version of the text circa October 2002. Suggested b-side: this BKS collaboration with Alan Licht (and Kenneth Goldsmith's Soliloquy). Paul Dutton's "Ummm" also makes sense, but looks like the UBU link (track 19) is broken. • Listen to the whole set, recorded 16 January 2007 at Kelly Writers House, here. • For more Stefans, visit Arras (his website) and Free Space Comix (his blog), also Ubu and Rhizome. And here for his newish book of collected criticism, Before Starting Over. • Previously here on Lipstick of Noise, Stefans as British Creeley impersonator.

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