The Dumbest Design

Tina Darragh - Collective Lament for Banishing Animals from History (2'20"). As the lexical surface perforates, and smug assumptions about our species, its history and boundaries, dissolve, the noises of the one big animate union steal through, creaking and buzzing and clucking. Great performance of an amazing poem. • Recorded 25 January 2007 at the University of Maine (some ambient office sounds audible, appropriately enough). • Darragh on Wikipedia. NWS Event Report. More sound files from same session.

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The Lipstick of Noise is a product of the Third Factory • Inspired by the music blogs • And by Paul Blackburn's reel-to-reel deck. Intending to make good use of PENNSound and other sources of digital audio files of poetry • Comments welcomeXML.