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Terminology note: By analogy with Barthes's lexias, I'd like to call those segments of auditory experience into which our hearing of a poem divides "audias" (singular: audia). I supply the following transcript, generated using the "label track" function of Audacity, as a preliminary way of thinking about how sentence, line, and audia interact and inform the analysis of poetry soundfiles. [Back to Lipstick of Noise.]

Lisa Robertson - "Plentifully of reason..." (from The Men)

[Note: The numbers within parentheses in the text indicate the frequency with which certain key words occur; the abbreviation "LB" in brackets indicates a linebreak in the printed poem, while printed punctuation marks are enclosed in "<>"s. ]

03.847325 plentifully (5) of reason <,>
06.221846 plentifully [LB] of ceremony <,>
09.167454 plentifully the pastoral
10.520029 of the men (5)
11.789947 in the middle diction*
13.037322 that they [LB]
13.713610 have <.>

15.622244 the men in their short sleeved shirts [LB]
17.989250 are glad [LB]
19.544712 beauteous and (8) goodly [LB]
21.340631 with beauty and tallness [LB]
23.181636 and a kind of fear [LB]
25.075241 and sweet glance plentifully [LB]
28.095993 the men breathe into me
30.124855 tender <,>
31.289573 phallic <,>
32.138690 kimonoed <,>
33.295893 and I <,>
34.212638 in the middle of my life <,>
35.632842 reply [LB]
36.872703 that I would like to very much [LB]
39.202138 in this brief season [LB]

41.944860 I can't tell you what it is like to be in the rooms with them <,>
45.499127 the [LB]
45.980042 nothingness
47.099674 entwined with the mental
49.113508 and the odor of
50.157997 smoke [LB]
51.074742 from a hallway <.> [LB]

53.426720 I'm wearing this silky
55.222640 thing
55.748641 for [LB]
56.169442 my skin and the men
57.897733 plentifully [LB]
59.062450 and I am so sad <.>

*Middle diction maintains correct language usage but is less elevated than formal diction; it reflects the way most educated people speak.