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Terminology note: By analogy with Barthes's lexias, I'd like to call those segments of auditory experience into which our hearing of a poem divides "audias" (singular: audia). I supply the following transcript, generated using the "label track" function of Audacity, as a preliminary way of thinking about how sentence, line, and audia interact and inform the analysis of poetry soundfiles. [Back to Lipstick of Noise.]

Adrienne Rich - Divisions of Labor

[Note: Roman numerals indicate acoustical-semantic breaks; alphabetic characters to left of numeral indicate a subsection of a major division. Capitalized words call attention to the nine participles in the poem (seven of them clustered in III). Letters in bold call attention to the prominent sibilance of sections Va-b. The abbreviation "LB" in brackets indicates a linebreak in the printed poem.]

00.128840 This is called divisions of labor

05.236965 the revolutions wheel
07.465138 compromise
08.867220 utter their statements [LB]

11.413703 a new magazine appears mastheaded with old names [LB]
15.915523 an old magazine polishes up its act [LB]
19.053154 with deconstructions of the prose of Malcolm X [LB]

23.827811 the women in the back rows of politics [LB]
26.624396 are still LICKING thread to slip into the needle's [LB] eye
30.914008 TRADING bones for plastic
33.036078 SPLITTING pods [LB]
34.529105 for necklaces to sell to the cruiseships [LB]
37.765262 PRODUCING immaculate first communion dresses [LB]
40.948366 with flat iron
42.335290 and irresolute hot water [LB]

44.699882 still FITTING the microscopic
47.094790 golden wires [LB]
48.739394 into the silicon chips [LB]

51.323771 still TEACHING
52.945639 WATCHING the children [LB]
54.499297 quenched in the crossfire alleys
56.977571 the flash flood gullies [LB]
59.258796 the kerosene
60.585090 flash fires [LB]

62.570741 [em-dash] the women
63.578724 whose labor remakes the world [LB]
66.314678 each and every morning [LB]

69.255260 [line indent] I've seen a woman SITTING [LB]
71.286384 between the stove
72.953725 and the stars [LB]
74.689274 her fingers /sni/ singed
76.985657 from SNUFFING out
78.781837 the candles [LB]
80.032343 of pure theory
82.192307 [fifteen character space] finger and thumb
83.836911 both scorched [LB]

85.799825 I have felt that sacred wax
88.528200 blister my hand