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Terminology note: By analogy with Barthes's lexias, I'd like to call those segments of auditory experience into which our hearing of a poem divides "audias" (singular: audia). I supply the following transcript, generated using the "label track" function of Audacity, as a preliminary way of thinking about how sentence, line, and audia interact and inform the analysis of poetry soundfiles. [Back to Lipstick of Noise.]

George Oppen - From a Phrase of Simone Weil's and Some Words of Hegel's

Note: ' = slight vocal pause; [#] = line-internal space in printed text; [/] = line break in printed text; capped letters track assonance

1.430787 From a /f/-phrase of Simone Weil's and some words of Hegel's

06.117580 in [#]
07.378220 back [#] deep the jeweL [/]
xx.xxxxxx the treasure
10.471813 no [#] Liquid [/]
12.297033 pride of the Living Life's Liquid [/]
14.346538 pride in the sandspit wind ' THis eTHer ' THis oTHer ' THis element ' all [/]
19.574710 it is I or I believe [/]
21.299388 we are the Beaks of the ragged Birds [/]
23.766529 tune of the ragged Bird's Beaks [/] in the tune of the winds
27.038004 ob via [#]
28.546130 the obvious [/] like a fire of straws [/] aflame in the world or else poor people ^hide [/]
35.058144 yourselves together [#] place [/]
37.695432 place where [#} desire [/] Lust of the eyes ' the pride of Life
41.918186 and foremost of the storm's [/] MuLtitude Moves the wave beLLy-LoveLy [/]
46.751926 gLass of the gLaSS Sea Shadow of Water [/]
50.386897 on the open WatER no othER Way [/]
52.954580 to come here the outER [/]
55.120095 Limit of the ego