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Terminology note: By analogy with Barthes's lexias, I'd like to call those segments of auditory experience into which our hearing of a poem divides "audias" (singular: audia). I supply the following transcript, generated using the "label track" function of Audacity, as a preliminary way of thinking about how sentence, line, and audia interact and inform the analysis of poetry soundfiles. [Back to Lipstick of Noise.]

Jackson Mac Low - Feeling Down, Clementi Felt Imposed Upon From Every Direction

Note: numbers in parentheses indicate frequency of preceding keyword in text; #=paragraph/stanza break; bracketed text indicates errant or corrected voicing.

00.085712 feeling down Clementi felt imposed (13) upon from every direction (3)
06.856936 [S-C...S-C...
09.613996 I'm sorry]
10.713962 HSCH ten
16.528073 there's an epigraph by Lloyd Biggle
19.970826 democracy (7) imposed (10) from without is the severest form of tyranny

28.627708 feeling down
29.934811 Clementi armored herself against unwanted compliments

35.841776 the effects of
37.413157 painful desperation (9)
39.763086 were imposing their influence (4) she felt
42.463005 on every democracy

46.012897 she always felt worst for a crowd
48.648532 [/l/]
49.084233 rightly
50.077061 punished
50.962748 for the wrong reasons

56.434012 could frugal Clementi
58.041106 have been beaming dispositive influences directly at others?

63.476656 had she, without a thought,
65.333743 imposed a negative influence [influmence] on everyone near her?

69.926462 possibly she supposed someone
72.147823 of limited understanding
74.126335 had mistaken an ironic remark for a revelation

83.033209 desperately she noted
85.133146 freedom (3) competed with itself
87.247368 and murmured (3) at opportunities imposed on it

92.175790 the dire effects of forced dependence (4) were being repulsed by the desperate

99.568424 indelicate competition in the midst of imposed democracy
103.275455 was imposing desperation

106.503929 imposed democracy was imposing desperation

111.875196 early on
112.853738 she'd recognized a great many sorts
115.482230 of pretended feeling

118.253575 Clementi had shamelessly declared compunction
122.203456 at the slaughter of fishes

125.439072 she wrongly supposed that no dependent
129.081820 would notice her myriad contradictions

133.567399 wouldn't that have influenced her freedom's recognition

137.145862 she herself murmured at every opportunity imposed on her

145.252760 the tyranny of desperation was the crowning affectation imposed on her

151.259722 with delicated compliments she declared her objection to that desperation

156.395281 was that when she declared imposed democracy a punishment?

161.652266 she felt it a punishment greater than being found out

166.402122 Clementi found that she'd been disposing noxious beams in all directions

172.687647 they directly revealed her own dependence
176.151828 [and that]
178.094627 and what she depended upon

182.673060 how could she reply to what she revealed to herself?

186.715795 all were insisting
188.872873 they were desperate for freedom

191.744215 but what seemed to be the effect of what they called democracy?

196.422645 a myriad murmured desperately at every opportunity

200.808227 what could compete with that massive indelicacy

207.050896 Clementi had learned the effects of what was being called democracy

212.700725 she felt herself imposed upon from every direction [drimection]