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Terminology note: By analogy with Barthes's lexias, I'd like to call those segments of auditory experience into which our hearing of a poem divides "audias" (singular: audia). I supply the following transcript, generated using the "label track" function of Audacity, as a preliminary way of thinking about how sentence, line, and audia interact and inform the analysis of poetry soundfiles. [Back to Lipstick of Noise.]

Joe Brainard - Tuesday, February 18th, 1971

(Note: ' = brief pause)

0.502202 Tuesday
1.369641 February 18th
2.629710 [silence]
6.985167 [sniff, inhalation]

07.953047 being as vain ' as I am
09.587485 I'm surprised ' that I'm not horrified
12.125885 by all the white hairs ' I keep finding ' in my hair ' these days
16.143498 but I'm not
17.723150 I just yank them out
19.229755 [audience laughter]
23.850009 which means
24.827020 perhaps
25.630542 that I'm not going to grow old ' very gracefully
28.844632 [more audience laughter]
32.305258 & that I may go bald ' before I go grey
34.861920 [more audience laughter]
38.167319 [room falls silent]

40.030031 today was a beautiful day outside
42.257980 but I spent it in
43.828501 doing drawings of Ted
45.636427 Ted Berrigan
47.444352 one ' is a good drawing
49.252278 but doesn't look much like Ted
51.407179 and the other one
52.603332 looks a lot like Ted
54.091675 but isn't such a good drawing

55.420226 [silence

57.515776 then after Ted left
58.862590 I worked some ' on the new ' I Remember
62.012763 ate an apple
63.583285 and began ' writing this

66.126251 and now it is beginning ' to get dark already

69.271859 another day gone
70.860642 before you know it
72.444860 and that's the way I like it