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The fifty-five contributors to Attention Span 2010 referred to some six hundred cultural artefacts in all. The majority of references are singular, but as in previous years there are some patterns of overlap: one title was mentioned by eight contibutors, eight titles were mentioned four times each, fourteen were mentioned three times, and forty-five were mentioned twice.

Few of the works of poetry mentioned here circulate in the big box economy. They are best ordered directly from the publishers themselves or from Bridge Street or SPD.

Contributor Key

Harold Abramovich (HA)
Eric Baus (EB)
Dan Beachy-Quick (DBQ)
Bill Berkson (BB)
Anselm Berrigan (AB)
Joel Bettridge (JB)
Tara Betts (TB)
Daniel Bouchard (DB)
Pam Brown (PB)
Julie Carr (JC)
Stephen Collis (SC)
Tim Conley (TC)
Brent Cunningham (BC)
Tom Devaney (TD)
David Dowker (DD)
Marcella Durand (MD)
Patrick Durgin (PD)
Craig Dworkin (CD)
Joshua Edwards (JE)
Benjamin Friedlander (BF)
Susana Gardner (SG)
Nada Gordon (NG)
Michael S. Hennessey (MH)
Susan Holbrook (SH)
Kevin Killian (KK)
Rodney Koeneke (RK)
Megan London (ML)
Pattie McCarthy (PaMc)
Philip Metres (PM)
Erín Moure (EM)
John Palattella (JP)
Vanessa Place (VP)
Patrick Pritchett (PP)
C.E. Putnam (CEP)
Barbara Jane Reyes (BJR)
Sarah Riggs (SR)
Kit Robinson (KR)
John Sakkis (JoSa)
Jennifer Scappettone (JeSc)
Michael Scharf (MS)
Andrew Schelling (AS)
Robert Stanton (RS)
Suzanne Stein (SS)
Jordan Stempleman (JS)
Paul Stephens (PS)
Elizabeth Treadwell (ET)
Keith Tuma (KT)
Meredith Quartermain (MQ)
Peter Quartermain (PQ)
Cathy Wagner (CW)
James Wagner (JW)
G.C. Waldrep (GCW)
Dana Ward (DW)
Allyssa Wolf (AW)
Matvei Yankelevich (MY)