Attention Span 2006

1 August 2006

Dear Friends of Third Factory,

I'm getting started a few weeks later than usual this summer, but I do want to keep up the tradition of hearing from others about the poetry, music, and other things occupying their (your!) attention in the past year.

Contributors to Attention Span are invited to provide a list of up to eleven titles (poetry and otherwise, recent and rediscovered) that have engaged their attention of late. Brief comments are welcome (though not required) and are--as I've frequently heard over the years--the aspect of the project most appreciated by readers.

Deadline for inclusion this year is Friday, 1 September 2006. In contrast to my practice in past years, I'll be uploading individually signed lists first and announcing the aggregated results afterwards.

If you are able to participate, please send your selections to me in the body of an e-mail (even if you attach a file, please copy the contents into your e-mail as well), observing the following simple formatting conventions:

            AuthorFirst AuthorLast | Title | Publisher | Year
            Commentary in plain text 


Edwin Denby | The Complete Poems | Full Court | 1975

(Note that you need not include the words "Press" or "Publishers," etc., and may abbreviate "University Press" to UP.)

For magazines,

EditorFirst EditorLast, ed. | JournalName Volume-and/or-Issue | Year
Commentary in plain text

Example: Richard Owens, ed.| Damn the Caesars 1.3 | 2005

Those are straight bars separating the elements (on my keyboard, directly above the return key as a shift option). Italics and boldface should be avoided in the bibliographical field. If you use italics for emphasis, or diacritical marks that might get lost in transmission, please call my attention to this in your message so that I can format your entry properly in Dreamweaver.

If you also provide me with the single best link for you and your work, I'll include that at the end of your entry. 

I do hope you'll be able to steal a few minutes from the pleasures and labors of late summer to participate in this project!

All best,

steve dot evans at thirdfactory dot net

p.s. Feel free to extend this invitation to friends. And do be in touch if you have any questions on how to proceed.

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